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The medical school personal statement is a vital part of the application package. Unfortunately, the personal statement is often neglected by applicants who are under the false impression that it is not important. Some applicants even believe that admissions committees do not read….

Writing Your Medical School Secondary Essays? This is an opportunity for schools to ask applicants specific questions. In many cases, it is also the tool that determines if the admissions committee will offer an interview. The secondary essay is an opportunity to further highlight your individual talents….

The residency personal statement is the only aspect of your application over which you have complete control. It is an opportunity to highlight information about yourself that is not reflected in test scores and grades. A well-crafted personal statement can be an enormous asset to your application….

The purpose of a well written nursing personal statement is to help you stand out from all the other applicants. Whether you are planning to attend nursing school, pharmacy school, or another allied health program, you will most likely be required to submit an essay as part of your application….

The dental school personal statement is a required component of the dental school admission application. Due to the competitive nature of the application process, it is important to make your application stand out from all the others. The best way to do this is through the personal statement. The majority of applicants will have excellent grades….

Code Blue Essays can help you edit your graduate school admission essay for your preferred science-related graduate program. Whether you are applying to a master’s or PhD program, your personal statement is a vital component of your application. A high quality personal statement can sway….